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Eligibility & Performance

Worth a watch!


If your son or daughter participates in sports, this video is for you! It is 20 minutes long, but it is worth every minute!

The Partnership at and Major League Baseball Charities has teamed up to provide the Play Healthy Campaign for parents and teen athletes. This video describes some of the risks teen atheletes face and what to do about them. You wll learn about the risks of performance enhancing drugs and other abused substances. You will also learn how to protect your young athlete.

Objectives for Pure Performance and Leadership Training:

  • Captain Leadership- Develop captains leadership skills to create effective leaders within school programs
  • Coach/Captain/Activities Director Communication- Develop open lines of communication to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding and clear of goals/vision/expectations
  • Long Range Goals, Vision, and Expectations- Develop a plan to increase incentive and investment of future goals, vision, philosophy, and expectations
  • Development of a Progression of Leadership Skills- Develop a plan to increase leadership and investment across grade levels among participants and leaders
  • Chemical Free Atmosphere with Accountability- Promote an atmosphere that discourages chemical use and encourages activities that promote good team chemistry and forward-thinking leadership
  • Optimal Performance- Create an environment that increases athletic and academic performance to help develop life-long learners and performers