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North Boys Hockey-Program Overview

By Jake Taylor, 09/18/19, 9:15AM CDT



September, 2019

I am excited to welcome our hockey community into a new era of Lakeville North Boys Hockey! It’s a NEW DAY for Lakeville North Hockey and a NEW BEGINNING for our hockey program. I am excited to share with our players, coaches, school leaders and hockey community the Vision, Mission and Culture I plan to set forth for Lakeville North Boys Hockey.

As the newly appointed head coach for Lakeville North Boys Hockey, I am looking forward to introducing a hockey culture built upon the pursuit of EXCELLENCE, from the Mite level of play through our High School Hockey program! Lakeville North Hockey will evolve to become a strong and vibrant hockey community, with consistent messaging to players, coaches and parents throughout our youth and high school programs. As a part of this new Culture, we will also be introducing a new way of communicating to our players and coaches, with words like Identity, Reputation, Standard of Play and Excellence as cornerstones for our hockey program, BOTH on and off the ice! These words will be consistently communicated and discussed on a regular basis throughout our hockey community, a vernacular that will serve as the cultural foundation of our hockey program and true measure of our success.

Further, I am committed to a Vision where North Hockey Game Days are embraced and celebrated by our entire hockey community! It’s my goal that we collectively create a culture that drives a wave of enthusiasm throughout the North Hockey fan base, attracting significant crowds on game days in creating an “over the top hockey experience!” That said, I hope to reignite a strong passion and desire in our youth that leads them to dream of someday wearing a North Hockey sweater, never wanting to miss a home game and desperately wanting to someday become a part of the North Boys Hockey tradition. In the end, my ultimate goal is to develop a strong and vibrant hockey community, joining together and rallying around the one thing we all have in common; “WE ARE NORTH!”

That said, I am extremely excited to share with our hockey community the NEW MOTTO for Lakeville North Boys Hockey. As we dedicate ourselves to this new direction for Lakeville North Hockey, our program motto will serve as a reminder of who we are as a hockey community AND our close partnership with Lakeville North High School; We are a strong and successful community, committed to excellence in both the classroom and in sports, dedicated to seeing our student-athletes become the very best version of themselves, we are unwavering in our commitment and relentless in our pursuit; “WE ARE NORTH!”

I look forward to partnering with our hockey community in the years to come creating a hockey experience like no other, joining us all together in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE for our student-athletes!

See you at the rink!

Jake Taylor
Varsity Head Hockey Coach
Lakeville North Boys Hockey

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