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LN_Panthers.Live (Live Web-streaming)

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Thank you for visiting! On this site, you can find live streaming web broadcasts of Lakeville North Sports & Activities. Whether you want to see the latest Lakeville North football game or tune into any number of Panther games and events, this is the place! 

For the 2020-2021 season, we will provide live coverage of over 90 games and events!  In addition to being streamed live,  Lakeville North streaming broadcasts will be archived permanently so you can enjoy them at your convenience.

This is your source for Panther Sports & Activities,!

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Teams Covered Include

Lakeville North Football

Lakeville North Volleyball

Lakeville North Boys Soccer

Lakeville North Girls Soccer

Lakeville North Boys Basketball

Lakeville North Girls Basketball

Lakeville North Boys Hockey

Lakeville North Girls Hockey

Lakeville North Wrestling

Lakeville North Boys Lacrosse

Lakeville North Girls Lacrosse

Lakeville North Baseball

Lakeville North Softball

And Much More!

Cross Country Viewers

Due to the challenging nature of streaming a cross country race, I wanted to take a quick moment to explain how this will all work. We will have one camera at a high vantage point where we will attempt to follow the leaders as they run around the course. We will also have another camera near the start and finish lines. You will have to either open up multiple devices or switch back and forth between the two streams. If you have any questions please Tweet @saberslive for live answers.