TNT Team Challenge

Start Date:  Sun. 3/31
End Date: Sun. 4/21

Goal: $10,000 ($100 per athlete)

Teams:  The Odds (7th/9th/11th grades) vs. The Evens (8th/10th, 12th grades)

Cub Foods Bagging Event

Thank you to those who helped with our December and February Cub Foods Bagging events. Together we raised $2,100 in support of our program!

Shop with Scrip

Purchase  gift cards through Shop with Scrip for use at hundreds of national merchants. Families receive the full value of the gift cards while Track & Field receives a % commission.  Think about starting with a Cub Foods reloadable gift card.  Once you get the hang of it, then use the program for gas stations such as Super America, Kwik Trip or Holiday, and restaurants including Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili's, Chipotle, TGI Fridays and many more.


Questions or need help getting started? Email our Scrip Coordinator. for help by clicking on the link below.

Track & Field Scrip Coordinator