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The Panther Athletic Hall of Fame


Harry McLenighan

Roger Piekarski

Congrats to last summer's Hall of Fame
Class of 2018

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, we inducted four individuals and a team of distinction into the Lakeville North Panther Athletic Hall of Fame.   Congrats to:  

  • Harry McLenighan- Coach, AD & Principal
  • Matthew Pasvogel- Class of '87 Boys Gymnastics & Golf
  • Roger Piekarski- Class of '84 Football
  • Liz Podominick- Class of '03 Girls Basketball and Track & Field

Team of Distinction:  
1981 Boys Cross Country Team 
1st ever Panther State Championship Team

1981 Boys Cross Country Team

Liz Podominick

Matt Pasvogel


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Who's Missing from the Panther Hall of Fame?
Here's your chance to nominate someone to be considered
for induction into the Panther Hall of Fame.  
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Join us in celebrating the Panther Hall of Fame Class of 2019…

Date:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
Where:  Crystal Lake Golf Course Banquet Room in Lakeville.
Time:  Doors open at 4pm. The program will begin promptly at 4:30pm followed by a social with light appetizers and a cash bar.

** This year's inductees will be revealed in Spring 2019 **

Price: Tickets are $15 each (seating is limited so get your reservation in early)

Limited tickets are available for the Hall of Fame Banquet. 
Ticket reservations are now open!  CLICK HERE to buy your tickets online!



Inductees to the Panther Hall of Fame


2018 List of HOF Inductees 

Harry McLenighan (Retired Coach, AD & Principal)
Matthew Pasvogel (Class of '87) 
Roger Piekarski (Class of '84)
Liz Podominick  (Class of '03)  
1981 Boys Cross Country Team (1st ever Panther State Championship Team)


2017 List of HOF Inductees 

Merle Thompson (Class of 1953)
Jon Jellum (Class of 1993)
Andy Berkvam (Former Girls BB Coach)
John Oxton (Current Boys BB Coach)
1993-2003 Girls State Championship Gymnastics Teams

2016 List of HOF Inductees 

Jon Gilmer (Class of 1979)
Gary Durand (Class of 1969)
Todd Jelen (Class of 1997)
Cathy Theis (Class of 1981)
1962 Missota Conference Champion FB Team

2015 List of HOF Inductees 

Jon Ackerman (Class of 1980)
Mark Donnelly (Class of 1988)
Kelsey Hans (Class of 2004)
Julie (Newman) Johnson (Class of 1986)
Douglas Ringeisen (Class of 1966)

2014 List of HOF Inductees 

Nathan Earp (Former Band Director)
Michelle (Pekel) Grabow (Class of 1998)
Adam Platt (Class of 1993)
Brad Jirik (Class of 1992)
Butch Ames (Class of 1959)
Dick Ames (Supporter)

2013 List of HOF Inductees 

1988 Lakeville Panthers Football Team 
Tony Brown (Class of 1992) 
Kevin Kaesviharn (Class of 1994) 
Tasha (Martin) Symiczek (Class of 2001) 
Rick Ringeisen (Coach) 

2012 List of Inductees 

TJ Guidarelli (Class of 1995) 
Kelli (Nygren) Holm (Class of 2000) 
Nancy (Thompson) Mooser (Class of 1983) 
Craig Paulsen (Class of 1984) 
Dan Schneider (Current Coach) 

2011 List of HOF Inductees 

Dave Comer (Former Coach) 
Dick Johnson (Former Coach) 
Jim Knutson (Current Coach) 
Dick Zeman (Former Coach) 

2010 List of HOF Inductees 

Molly (Nemes) Hamer (Class of 1997) 
Janice (Thompson) Kosbab (Class of 1982) 
Scott Muenchow (Class of 1982) 
John Pieri (Class of 1978) 
Brian Vucinovich (Class of 1970) 

2009 List of HOF Inductees 

Lance Wolkow (Class of 1989) 
Chandra (Johnson) Raymond (Class of '94) 
Robert Ryan (Class of 1945) 
Ed Korba (Class of 1964) 
1952 Football Team (Team of Distinction) 

2008 List of HOF Inductees 

Tracy Harvey-Opfer (Class of 1981) 
Jay Johnson (Class fo 1988) 
Milan Mader (Former Coach) 
Don McGuire (Former Principal) 

2007 List of HOF Inductees 

William Asmus (Class of 1986) 
Elizabeth (Bachman) McCutcheon  (Class of '96) 
Mike Doughty (Class of 1993) 
Gretchen Hammond-Ehnes  (Class of 1983) 

Barnis Lilly (Class of 1953) 

2006 List of HOF Inductees 

Colleen Griffin Hefgott (Class of 1984) 
Mary (Stepka) Yetzer (Class of 178) 
Joseph A. Korba (Class of 1941) 
Richard A. Lorentson (Class of 1952) 
Heidi Olhousen-Winter (Class of 1992) 
John Stommer (Former Coach)

2005 List of HOF Inductees 

Gene Monson (Community Supporter) 
David Morrison (Class of 1980) 
Norgaaard (Former AD) 
Nathan Rasmussen (Class of 1993) 
Robert White (Class of 1947) 
Thomas White (Class of 1951) 
Anne Wicks (Class of 1990) 


Hall of Fame Committee Members

Mike Zweber

Director of HOF

Phone: 952-232-3621

Teri Homan

HOF Committee Member

John Oxton

HOF Committee Member

Carl Wahlstrom

HOF Committee Member

Lisa Heilman

Secretary HOF

Phone: 952-232-3620

Shawn Tatge

HOF Committee Member

Rick Ringeisen

HOF Committee Member

Larry Thompson

HOF Committee Member

Jim Knutson

Booster Treasurer

Phone: 952-232-3620

Brian Vossen

HOF Committee Member

Heidi Winter (Olhausen)

HOF Committee Member