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Strength/ Conditioning Program


Off-Season Training Philosophy and Registration 

The goal of the off-season (as well as the in-season) strength training program is to prevent injury, enhance the physical  (as well as mental) potential of all athletes and develop optimal muscular strength in a CONSISTENT, INTENSE, SAFE, and EFFICIENT manner. 

Over the years, countless types of training techniques have emerged.  The fact is that everything works, but your athlete’s level of CONSISTENCY & INTENSITY is what separates your athletes from the rest!  Strength training is a tool, that when performed at a high level, can create endless opportunities for any athlete. 

 What is a consistent strength and conditioning program?

In order for your athletes to be consistent, there must a very high demand for accountability.  That means, it is demanded that each athlete must be ON TIME, ATTENTIVE and be PREPAREDto improve on their previous best efforts. 

 What is considered a high-level of intensity?

Maximal muscular strength is a requirement for optimal athletic performance.  In order to develop maximal muscular strength, one must train at a high-level of intensity. Sub-maximal intensities will get you sub-maximal results; there is no way around it. At Lakeville North, we treat every workout as a strength/conditioning test. Our goal is to improve on our previous performance by doing more reps or adding more weight.

The bottom line is, and always will be, the issue of CONSISTENCY and EFFORT. It’s not about how many hours you’re in the weight-room at one session or how many sets/reps that were performed.  The quality not the quantity of the workout is factor that produces overload. Our workout intensity promotes mental toughness and the winning tradition of Lakeville North. Our student athletes continually strive for excellence and work to win at everything!

Off-Season Athletes & Open Lifting

Registration Procedures for Fall, Winter, Spring 

Athletes must be register online through Fee Pay. This registration includes a completed emergency contact form, proof of a current sports physical, and Fee of $75 fee before they can workout.

Workouts are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3 - 4:30pm

Included in the workouts are Strength Training, Plyometrics, and Speed & Agility

* In-Season sports teams have priority and workouts may be modified to accomodate them on occasion. 

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Strength and Conditioning Fall Registration

Please click the link below to register!